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 iMachining of SolidCAM left in dust Volumill of Cimatron at a moldmaker

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  •  iMachining of SolidCAM left in dust Volumill of Cimatron at a moldmaker

    GSM Technologies is a factory specializing in mold making for years.

    In recent years due to the move of mold manufacturing mainly to China, they have also become a subcontractor in machining.

    In the beginning, a few years ago, the best CAM default for the factory was Cimatron, which was very suitable and known for the Mold and Die industry.
    The factory changed its face as stated and asked to upgrade the capabilities of the Cimatron software.

    We were also asked to introduce the capabilities of SolidCAM - the emphasis naturally for us was on our clear advantage and that is iMachining.

    To do this we made a benchmark, on a part given by the customer, who was amazed by the powerful and the drastic time reduction we delivered.
    Cimatron, for their side, did not want to lose the deal and introduced their Volumill module, but the result was far inferior from what we presented.

    The results were so noticeable in favor of SolidCAM, that Cimtron's salespeople had no choice but to give a significantly lower bid than we gave them.

    The customer was in a dilemma, whether to keep moving forward with Cimatron or to change the CAM system to SolidCAM, after so many years with Cimatron.

    Despite our excellent iMachining results, Cimatron still had the advantage that the factory staff knew the software, and all their data were Cimatron based.

    What at the end of the day tipped the scales, were the same region customers' recommendations - 95% of them have SolidCAM!

    I strongly emphasized to them to consult with other customers, and despite heavy pressure from the sales team of Cimatron, we won.

    The deal was closed in July 2020 and since then the software has also been upgraded with 5 axes simultaneous as well as an integrated mill-turn module.
    The customer is also very satisfied with our excellent support, and a second seat is around the corner.

    See in the pictures below of this amazing mold, the high level they achieved after 1 year with SolidCAM.

    Zvika Friedman
    VP Sales Israel & Japan