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SolidCAM Virtual Summit 2021 Invitation and Registration

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  • SolidCAM Virtual Summit 2021 Invitation and Registration

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    You must have received by now our invitation to SolidCAM Virtual Summit 2021 on April 6,7.

    Invitation Video:



    Presentation video:

    Our Virtual Summit 2021 will be an amazing event, in which we will tell our resellers, customers and prospects about:
    1. The fascinating inside story of how SolidCAM2021 was developed in last 3 years, and its powerful customer-centric functionality in all modules, including its new tooltable and SolidCAM simulator..
    2. How to best sell SolidCAM2021 for all machining applications, including the aggressively increasing market niche of advanced mill-turn and Swiss type CNCs.
    3. SolidCAM’s current cooperative relationships with machine tools and cutting tools manufacturers and resellers.
    4. Important competitive information in different geographical markets.
    5. The SolidCAM2022 fascinating new planned projects.
    6. ..and much more..

    This event is targeted to:
    1. Our worldwide staff and reseller staff to learn the main advantages of SolidCAM2021, how to market it, demonstrate it and sell it, while leveraging its best advantages.
    2. SolidCAM customers on subscription to show them the value they are getting for being on subscription.
    3. SolidCAM customers NOT on subscription to motivate them to get back on subscription to get all the new powerful functions of SolidCAM2021.
    4. Machine shop prospects who, seeing the power and very useful functionality of SolidCAM2021, can favorably decide to become SolidCAM customers.
    Make sure to register and attend – we promise you it will be worthwhile!

    We are very excited about this event and about our new version SolidCAM 2021, and we wish you all a healthy and successful year 2021!

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh