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SolidCAM2021 SP3 Release and SolidCAM World Q4,2021 Summit on Oct 7

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  • SolidCAM2021 SP3 Release and SolidCAM World Q4,2021 Summit on Oct 7

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    SolidCAM2021 SP3 is released and uploaded to our website, for both Resellers and Prospects.

    This is our latest and greatest SP and every SolidCAM customer on subscription should get it immediately.

    It has solutions for many issues and also exciting new functionalities – for example, new Automatic Hole Recognition and Machining.

    Watch here this powerful new drill automation functionality, as will be demonstrated on Thursday, Oct 7 in our Q4 summit by Ken Merritt:

    By the way, we have prepared this amazing 2021 Q4 Summit so that your customers and prospects can see the POWER of SolidCAM2021, get back on subscription, buy iMachining2D/3D modules or a full new SolidCAM system.

    I hope you are making sure that all your SolidCAM Customers and Prospects are being invited by you, in order to achieve the best Q4 sales results..

    Also, I look forward to seeing each one of you registering and attending the Q4 Summit:

    There will be fascinating presentations:
    1. Important SolidCAM2021 functionalities.
    2. New SolidCAM2021 SP3 functionalities.
    3. Announcement of new products (SolidFlow & SolidCNC).
    4. The surprise announcement of an important strategic partnership with a major worldwide Swiss CNC machine manufacturer!

    See you ALL on Thursday, Oct 7. Enjoy!

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh
    CEO SolidCAM
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