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New Tool table for Mill-Turn and Swiss type webinar

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  • New Tool table for Mill-Turn and Swiss type webinar

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    Please find here the recording of our last SolidCAM 2021 What’s New webinar series: New Tool Table for Mill-Turn and Swiss type, given by Michael Leditzky, our SolidCAM Product Manager.

    The webinar is now on YouTube, uploaded to Box and in our website in both the 'Latest Webinars' area and 'Resellers Area'. You can find there also the recording of all the other 6 webinars on What’s New in SolidCAM2021.

    Recording YouTube:

    Recording Download:



    I am sure you can all agree, after seeing the live webinar or the recording, that what you have seen is truly amazing!

    The powerful combination of our new tool table and the new SolidCAM simulator, for mill-turn and Swiss type applications, is absolutely unbeatable!

    We could guarantee you that no other competitor CAM system have any tool table or Simulator functionality, that can approach what you have seen..

    Please make sure to use SolidCAM2021 for all your upcoming potential customer demonstrations – they will be amazed and strongly motivated to take a positive decision for buying SolidCAM.

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh
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