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SolidCAM 2022 New Associative Coordinate System

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  • SolidCAM 2022 New Associative Coordinate System

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    In current version, the Coordinate System was not associative. That meant that, if you had a change in the part and the location of the coordinate system moved, you would have to redefine the Coordinate System. Also, if you wanted to make an edit to the location of the Coordinate System, you would always have to restart from the begining.

    With the New Coordinate System coming in SolidCAM 2022, everything is associative, including the levels page. You can also edit the location, without having to recreate the Coordinate system from scratch.

    I have attached a short video showing some of the new options in the New Associative Coordinate System.

    Best Regards,
    Sidney Eisner
    SolidCAM Ltd
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    Hello Sidney,
    Awesome. Good job. Customers will like it


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      Editing a comment
      Thanks. I updated the recording as there were some issues I did not mention.

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    Hello Sidney,

    Thanks for the update. I worked closely with KenMerritt in providing feedback about how this should be handled.

    Very good to see it's getting there. I'm passionate about integrated CAM systems in general, and I never get tired of sharing the benefits of associativity and zero data translation when it comes to models created in the format of the host CAD system.

    I've worked with Creo/NC for almost 10 years, 5 of them as a Creo admin, and although it is weak these days in regards to toolpaths, and too complicated for the average user, they are still incredibly powerful when it comes to the integration with Creo CAD functionality.

    That said, one limitation we found in Solidcam is the lack of associativity between fixtures and their mounting points in the machine.

    Even though we tried to use the 3 points method or coordinate systems to anchor fixtures by mounting their CS to the machine coupling points, they are not associative at all.

    If the fixture model is revised, Solidcam still shows the fixture in the same location even though the mounting coordinate system has moved.

    Are you guys aware of this limitation with associativity related to fixtures?
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