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Why do you need an Integrated CAD/CAM - Part 2

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  • Why do you need an Integrated CAD/CAM - Part 2

    What Next?

    Now that you have understood the ins and outs of an integrated CAD/CAM system, we come to answer the final crucial questions:

    Where to begin?

    With a lot of CAD and CAM software available in the market today, it can get confusing and overwhelming for enterprises and job shops to make a choice. This is where we, at SolidCAM, come into the picture.

    What to expect from a CAD/CAM integrated system?

    A quality CAD/CAM integrated system is the biggest tool that makes your work easier. The central idea behind any integrated CAD/CAM should be to provide seamless integration with your CAD software - that's the truest measure of its quality.

    SolidCAM derives its core working philosophy from the same idea. And keeping that in mind, SolidCAM offers seamless integration with leading 3D CAD systems - SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor.

    What makes SolidCAM an ideal integrated CAD/CAM solution?

    With SolidCAM, you will see the truest essence of integrated CAD/CAM come to life. You will experience every benefit of an ideal integrated CAD/CAM system with SolidCAM:
    • Never leave your CAD window
    What makes integrated CAD/CAM so lucrative in today's industry is the complete data integration that eliminates the need for importing and exporting data. And that's what you get to experience with SolidCAM.

    You can define, calculate, and verify all your machining operations without ever having to leave your CAD window on SOLIDWORKS or Inventor.
    • Remove data translation errors
    Another major benefit of integrated CAD/CAM systems is that with no need for data importing or exporting, you don't face any errors due to data translation.

    With SolidCAM's seamless integration, all 2D and 3D geometries that you use for machining are fully associative with SOLIDWORKS or Inventor design models.
    • Reduce iteration time and improve iteration accuracies
    When you switch to an integrated CAD/CAM system, you should be able to reduce your iteration times and improve your iteration accuracies.

    As aforementioned, the iterations in non-integrated systems are very time-consuming and rife with inaccuracies. This is because, to make a change in a non-integrated system, the CAD is changed separately. This revised geometry is then exported to the manufacturing team. The manufacturing team then has to import the new geometry, translate it, and define new machining operations.

    But this process becomes simpler with an integrated CAD/CAM system like SolidCAM.

    Any changes you make in your CAD geometry automatically reflect in your CAM operations. You won't need to make any changes or import new geometries. Your machining operations will be automatically updated.