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The outstanding success story of an important defense customer with 28 SolidCAM seats

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  • The outstanding success story of an important defense customer with 28 SolidCAM seats

    When measuring sales success, it is worth considering 3 main cases:

    1. Sale to a new prospect
    2. Success in selling against a competitor
    3. Retaining an existing customer over time

    Case number 3, retaining an existing customer is by far the most profitable for a company, several times more than the other 2 cases.

    Retaining an existing customer enables us to earn every year from subscription, upgrade to new modules we develop, adding more seats, and more.

    Therefore, it is of paramount importance to maintain close contact with existing customers, give them excellent support, provide software upgrades that will improve their work, and constantly challenge them with the innovations developed due to technological progress.

    The most prominent example of such customer retention is here in our local market.

    This is a highly classified customer in the field of defense, who faces the daily challenges that require a quick, efficient, and high-quality response to the execution of parts on CNC machines.

    The connection to SolidCAM began in 2003, after the integration with SolidWorks.

    Today in 2021 this customer has 28 full SolidCAM seats, for Milling and Mill-Turn, for the biggest variety of advanced machines in the CNC field.

    All 28 SolidCAM seats include our most advanced modules: full 5-axis milling, iMachining, SolidProbe, AFRM, Mill-Turn, and also Swiss-type.

    It seems to me that this is a record, in terms of SolidCAM seats for one customer!

    Over the years, they are constantly under subscription for all seats, upgrade to new modules that SolidCAM develops, and are always upgrading to the latest versions.

    Our support is of paramount importance, and for that, they have in addition to the ongoing support, also a direct address for any problems to our outstanding support person Evgeny Mar, who solves every problem, request, and challenge they ask, and sometimes not simple challenges that require a lot of creativity.

    SolidCAM’s income over the years from this customer and similar satisfied customers is huge.

    This example proves the well-known saying from the sales field:
    "The first sale is the salesman’s success,
    All following sales are the success of Product Support and Quality.👌👌"

    Zvika Friedman

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    I remember that very well. They were actually using SolidCAM with Bentley at the time and had 7 seats (I think). At that time, I was working in Support and I was called in to visit them. I don't remember the exact reason why I was called in, but when I finished they had told me that they just placed a reneweal with SolidCAM and Bentley. I asked them on the spot "why don't you switch over to Solidworks with SoliCAM as their designs were done in Solidworks. When they heard that we now sit on Solidworks, they postponed the order and then came back with a new order to include Solidworks.
    The rest is history.