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10,000 SolidCAM Industrial Seats NOT on Subsciption!

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  • 10,000 SolidCAM Industrial Seats NOT on Subsciption!

    From: Emil Somekh
    Sent: Wednesday, 17 February 2021 10:52
    To: info <[email protected].com>
    Subject: We have reached 21,000 SolidCAM industrial seats.. BUT 10,000 of them are NOT on subscription!

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    We have now reached 21,000 installed SolidCAM industrial seats in year 2021.

    This is a nice achievment by any measure..

    What is not OK is that only 53.58% of these seats are on valid subscription.

    This means that about 10,000 seats are NOT on valid subscription.

    We are very disturbed by this fact..

    A major task for all of us is to do our absolute best in 2021, to get the maximum number of these seats back into subscription.

    We would like to reach the achievable minumum target, by end of 2021, of 65% of seats on subcription.

    Several SolidCAM resellers have already reached and exceeded this 65% target (US, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Israel and Italy). So it is achievable!!

    You all know that every SolidCAM customer is usually happy with our software and the technical support provided by you.

    So why still 10,000 seats are NOT on subscription; there could be any of the following reasons:
    1. Customer is satisfied with the functionality of his existing version and does not want to change.
    2. Worried of potential problems in newer versions.
    3. Worried of potential post processor issues.
    4. Cultural approach in some regions, leading to an averse reaction to the issue of subscription.

    You have a a powerful tool in your hands in 2021: SolidCAM2021.

    With this version, you have the good potential to overcome most of these roadblocks:
    1. There is a lot of exciting new functionality in SolidCAM2021, that can really motivate the typical customer to go into subscription to get it.
    2. We have been doing intensive QA of SolidCAM2021 for nearly 1.5 years – you can assure your customers of the robustness of SolidCAM2021.
    3. We have checked intensively the issue of post processor compatibility from previous versions to SolidCAM2021.
    4. Cultural issues are for the local reseller to understand and solve.
    I wish you all great success in your SolidCAM business (new seats, module upgrade, subscription) in year 2021.

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh