Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

As you surely know by now, SolidCAM has today the absolute best CAM solution for Swiss turn CNC machines.

In every Swiss deal, we are replacing either Mastercam, Partmaker or Esprit.., or we are introducing the SolidCAM Swiss solution, to replace the cumbersome and unproductive Gcode programming of Swiss CNCs..

All our current SolidCAM Swiss customers are happy with our solution, which has increased their productivity to a great extent.

We have purchased the Global Swiss Turn report, that analyses:
  1. The current Swiss market worldwide
  2. The major Swiss industry segments
  3. The major Swiss CNCs manufacturers
  4. And much more..

I hope it will give you interesting information, that will assist you to know your specific Swiss market and to create relations with local Swiss CNCs manufacturers and resellers.

SolidCAM is dominating the Swiss CAM market worldwide - join this global successful push!!

Best Regards,
Emil Somekh