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Cooperation with Swiss CNC Manufacturers and Resellers

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  • Cooperation with Swiss CNC Manufacturers and Resellers

    Dear SolidCAM team and Partners,

    Please post here about your current successful relations with Swiss CNC machine Manufacturers and Resellers (e.g. Citizen, Star...) in your markets.

    Such relationships are very important to our success in our Swiss type year 2021.

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh

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    Elbe is the largest and leading company in Israel for the marketing and sale of CNC machines of all kinds.

    For over 70 years, the company has been selling world-renowned brands, including Okuma for all types of milling up to 5 axes, for Mill-Turn (Multus & Macturn), Doosan for Milling and Citizen for Swiss-Type.

    Emil Somekh


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      SolidCAM GmbH and Citizen have been cooperating in Germany since the beginning of 2018.

      After SolidCAM visited the Citizen headquarters in Esslingen on 5th April 2018, the cooperation between the two companies picked up speed and steadily strengthened their partnership.

      Emil Somekh


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        We are working on a relationship here in the U.S. with Star CNC.This has been a tough process, but I think we are really building a foundation with them.

        At the Westec Exhibition in 2019, I went to the Star Booth and asked to speak to someone regarding partnerships.The person I was directed to speak with first, was not really interested, and passed me off to the Senior Application Engineer that was on duty. I was finally able to get his attention and we spoke for about 10 minutes.
        He told me that they get approached all the time by CAM Companies and most are not worth even looking at.

        It took a little persuading, but I finally convinced him to come over to our booth so that we could show him our system and then he could decide if it was worth his efforts or not. When he did finally come over, the timing was perfect because I was just starting one of our live cutting presentations for iMachining on the Levil desktop CNC that we use. Ken Jensen is the Star Application Engineer that came to our booth. I described what he was about to see and then started the live cut.

        Mr. Jensen was very surprised when he saw the performance of iMachining, He immediately recognized that the 3/16" (<5mm) tool running on a 3 HP (2.24KW) Spindle at 3/8" (10mm) axial deep in steel, was beyond anything he would have believed possible. His next comment was "Can this tool path be run on a Swiss Machine in Polar?) When we answered in the affirmative, Ken's eyes lit up and then he said "So, show me this Swiss system you mentioned"

        Greg Payton then proceeded to give Ken a great demonstration of SolidCAM Swiss Type functionality, hitting on all the important features, with a focus on the visualization aspects of the "Machine View" and our powerful Machine Simulation. Ken actually told us that he was pleasingly surprised and very interested to see more about our software after the exhibition.

        Since then we issued a BAP license to him (Which has just been renewed for 2021) and GregP and I have worked with him to get him familiar with the system. Ken told me, that seeing iMachining perform with the small tool on a low power spindle was what caught his attention and convinced him to look at the rest of the system.
        Ken now enjoys using SolidCAM to program his test cuts and benchmark files for their machines.

        We are hoping to get to work with them later this year if the Westec Show actually happens. Steve and I were able to secure a booth just across the aisle from them in the hall.

        Sometimes it is not the obvious that actually gets their interest... Don't forget to present iMachining for Swiss. It really protects small cutters and allows for improved performance with them.

        Ken Merritt
        SolidCAM Inc


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          Tornos sub-reseller-Dongguan Guoxiu CNC Technology Co., Ltd. to sell SolidCAM Swiss type solution

          Dear Emil,

          I am very happy to tell you this news.

          In the past few days, we have just reached a cooperation with Tornos sub-reseller Dongguan Guoxiu CNC Technology Co., Ltd.

          He expressed his willingness to sell SolidCAM to his customers.

          On next Friday, we will reach out with agents Dongguan Woming Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., who does software pre-sales. The customer has already purchased Tornos TD26S.

          Best Regards ,
          Chen yuling 陈玉玲
          Sales of SolidCAM China
          TEL:+86 18826226426
          Email:[email protected]


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            hi Emil,

            Through the article you shared with me, my thoughts are as follows.

            First: Developing much more new sub-reseller, especially Swiss type machine sub-reseller

            1.In 2021, we called this year is “solidcam Swiss type year

            2.The customers need from Machine sub-reseller our software, because fewer people are learning CNC in China, recruitment is more difficult, and labor costs are higher. If SolidCAM can replace people, customers like to buy software.

            3. Swiss type machine sub-reseller also need software, because when selling machine tools, customers will ask them to get complete solution. If they have SolidCAM, we can help them.

            4.If one sub-reseller buy SolidCAM, other sub-resellers will buy it also, because they will worry about competitors having stronger technical power than them.

            For example, in 2020, I found a sub-reseller of Tornos. In 2021, I will tell others sub-resellers about this news. At present, I have found sub-resellers of Tsugami, STAR ,Citizen.
            Multi channel publicity, brand influence is very important in China:

            1. We can promote our software through tik-tok, We-chat, with low cost, wide coverage and many users, like Facebook. In 2020, we got customers through tik-tok (e.g. Suzhou Qinjie Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.)

            2. Organize on-site software training; China's epidemic control is better, and customers join our off-line training. First, increase visibility; Secondl, increase the probability of software sales.

            Can the German model be tried in China?

            1.This model is not found in other software companies in China.

            2.In China, many customers think that software is invisible and can't be touched, and software can be copied. If there are machine tools and software, we can also cooperate with partners such as cutting tools and fixtures, which will greatly enhance our popularity and influence. Customers can see the advantages of our software on site and increase the confidence of more customers to buy our software.

            Ji Hairong
            SolidCAM China

            Hi Ji,

            Excellent analysis and plan.

            Cooperating with Swiss type machine tool sub-resellers is definitely the optimum strategy, since they want to sell their Swiss type machines to the customer with good CAM software, to reduce the amount of training they have to do on the CNC machine and also since with CAM the customer will get maximum benefit and productivity from his Swiss type CNC Machine.

            Emil Somekh


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              Dear SolidCAM-Team,

              Tgether with our partner HB-Turnkey, we will create a postprocessor for ISCAR next week. The Hanwha XD28II is placed directly at ISCAR, in the demonstration center, and will be programmed with SolidCAM.


              We estimate to have the postprocessor ready in 2-3 days, which shows how short a time it takes to complete a postprocessor with sufficient preparation.
              Since no „dummy“ tool stations have to be created with the new tool table, the time required to create the postprocessor is reduced even further.
              This gives our customers an enormous advantage in handling.

              Best Regards,
              Michael Lediztky
              COO Technical, SolidCAM GmbH