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Ham-let Group took again the right decision: SolidCAM for Swiss-Type..

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  • Ham-let Group took again the right decision: SolidCAM for Swiss-Type..

    Ham-Let Group supports a wide range of industries, including Semiconductor, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Refinery, Power, Transportation, Analytical, and Gas manufacturers.

    Ham-Let Group offers a vast range of innovative products and solutions: Ultra-Clean Valves, High Purity Connectors, Industrial Process Connectors, Industrial Process Valves, Pneumatic Actuators, Manifolds & Safety Solutions, Hoses, Gas Delivery Systems, Pressure Gauges, and Subsea Valves.

    For such a range of components, of course, they have a production factory with a variety of CNC machines, mainly advanced mill-turn and Swiss-Type machines.

    We can find in the factory Multus B200, U3000, Dmg Mori Nt1000, Hermle C22, and many other milling and turning CNC machines like Hitachi, Okuma, Haas, and more.

    The CNC machine inventory also includes Swiss-Type machines for mass production, with many types of Star, Nexturn, and Citizen Swiss machines.

    The first SolidCAM seat for Ham-Let was introduced in 2008 and included basic milling and turning modules.

    Since then the factory added 6 more seats of SollidCAM in 2010,2013,2016 and 3 more seats in 2017.

    During those years, they also added most of our modules: 4-5 axes simultaneous, Solidprobe, iMachining, Mill-turn XYZCB with B-axis, Back spindle, and Multi-Turret Synchronization.

    The only module they didn't purchase was for Swiss-Type machines, and the reasons for that were:
    1. We didn't support Swiss fully till 2019.
    2. Around 95% of the Swiss-type machines in the factory were working for mass production, which means they manually edit the Gcode file, by copy and paste, and change parameters, to efficiently get the best production time for each part.

    The main problem for them remained in the product development department, where they are designing many new parts for Citizen L32 and Citizen L20, and the CAM programming for them became a bottleneck.

    So of course, we showed them the power of our Swiss-Type solution and convinced them to add one full new system of SolidCAM Swiss-Type for this department.

    We will give them also 2 more seats for evaluation for other departments, which we hope and believe will eventually turn also into regular seats.

    No Doubt that the fact that Ham-Let staff were so happy with their SolidCAM products, and with the fantastic support they got during the years, convinced them again to take the right decision and get SolidCAM's Swiss-type solution.

    ๐Ÿ˜ SolidCAM speaks Swiss!๐Ÿ˜

    Zvika Friedman
    VP Sales Israel & Japan
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