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  • SolidCAM Swiss-type solution customer start

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    After 3 years of development, I decided that the best way to announce our Swiss-Type product would be by launching it at a large customer conference.

    Indeed, we held an excellent customer conference at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center on Sep 2019, which was attended by about 350 of our customers as well as potential customers.

    One of the most prominent parts of the conference, beyond the presentation of the 2020 version, was the initial exposure of the SolidCAM software to support Swiss-Type machines.

    At that point in time, we wanted to start implementing the software, first and foremost with our customers, where for us the whole implementation process would be easier, with people we know personally.

    The conference was a great success and won many praises from the company's hundreds of customers in Israel.

    Already at the end of the conference, a factory manager who was present at the conference and was not one of our customers, approached me and told me that he was very impressed with the Swiss-Type package and asked that an appointment be scheduled after the conference.

    The meeting was held at the factory a few days after the conference, including a full demonstration of the Swiss-Type module.

    Lev Die Factory ( has been working for 25 years with MasterCAM software for milling up to 5 axes, and for Wire-cut as well as Mill-Turn 5 axis machines.

    Another department of the factory had Swiss type machines, including Star SV-20, Star SCV 20-riv and Tornos Gamma type.

    The demonstration we did with Dimitri Pitkin, our technical Swiss-type expert, was impressive and the plant manager understood from me that he would get close support until his programmers will work independently with the SolidCAM software.

    Another very important sales tool that I used with some important customers, is a Payment process that depends on implementation success. This is a technique I have used before with success with the iMachining module.

    The customer gives a down payment, continue to pay as the process progresses, and complete the payment upon completion of the implementation and postprocessor process. This creates trust and understanding with the new customer – he gets the feeling that we are serious and at the end of the day, the success of the process is also our success.

    Another important issue that I learned, from this meeting and from this first sale, is the understanding that you need a Swiss-Type expert with you, with vast experience in SWISS TYPE machines, who of course also has good programming skills.

    Being able to speak with the factory programmers during demonstration also in machine language, which I call the Swiss-Type language, is a huge advantage.

    There are many technical elements that once the customer notices your knowledge in it, you will buy his heart and mind!

    And if you are also able to give a certain tip about the efficiency in the Swiss part he currently runs, then it is already really a WIN-WIN situation and the way to the deal is sure.

    Another success we gained with this SolidCAM customer is that he also on the way purchased an additional full SolidCAM milling seat as well as combined milling and turning seat.

    This means that we have a fantastic way of penetrating new customers who use other CAM systems, just because we have an excellent Swiss-type solution, which is unique and most of our competitors still don't have.

    Zvika Friedman
    Sales Director for Israel & Japan