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Beating Esprit at Hira Tech Ltd Dental Implants on Citizen L20 V11

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  • Beating Esprit at Hira Tech Ltd Dental Implants on Citizen L20 V11

    Hira Tech.jpg Hira Tech Ltd make Dental Implants and purchased a Citizen L20 V11 (second hand, year of manufacture 2017). After contacting Citizen; they were recommended to purchase Esprit, however and fortunately the Citizen engineer suggested they also looked at SolidCAM.

    Initially they had a demonstration of Esprit in October 2020 and received their price, but clearly they were not fully convinced on the ESPRIT solution and SolidCAM UK was invited to make an on-site demonstration in December.

    At the demonstration it was clear that Esprit made a “standard” demonstration believing they were the only party involved and had the recommendation from Citizen, paying less attention to the customer’s actual needs. Our demonstrator (Mark Stocks) asked for the part they had bought the machine for and as you can see it is a very complex and small part.

    After modelling the part, generating tool-path and simulating the cutting the customer felt we had met his needs better than Esprit and gave him the confidence we could definitely supply a full solution to manufacture the dental implants.

    The only thing left was the “price” - our sales guy (Andy Stott) took the trouble to visit the customer again to present our quotation and negotiate to win the day. Again, demonstrating to the customer our commitment to their requirements.

    SolidCAM UK have won many “deals” over the years because we have taken the time to take the customers' part and show them exactly how SolidCAM can impact their business.

    That is not the full story here - apart from using customers parts, it is vital that you have someone who understands how Swiss Type machines work, so you can demonstrate the full solution and leave the customer in NO DOUBT you have the capability to deliver exactly what they need in terms of software, support and fully working Post Processors.

    Gordon Drysdale
    SolidCAM UK

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    Gordon - you are so right - it is imperative that the customer sees how SolidCAM can have a very valuable and time saving impact on his business.

    People have to understand that "cheap" is expensive - when a person compromises on "cheap", he has to replace it at a certain point to something better, so in the end he ends up paying more.

    SolidCAM may be a little bit more expensive but in the long run the time saved, the tools saved and easiness of use, makes it more than worth it!

    Linda Somekh
    VP SolidCAM Ltd