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Lathe/Turning and Swiss CNC machine sales up...

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  • Lathe/Turning and Swiss CNC machine sales up...

    In the latest Gardner report, the only CNC machine types sales that are up, are Lathe and Swiss CNCs (Screw machines) - see the attached slide.

    SolidCAM provides the absolute best Mill-Turn and Swiss solution, seamlessly integrated in SolidWorks.
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    Hello Dr. Somekh,

    Good motivation to improve chip evacuation (swarf) removal in the rough turning toolpath. It's the only thing where we think it needs improvement.

    Basically, we need the roughing algorithm to allow the programmer to retract the tool to a safe position and issue a program stop so the operator can remove swarf.

    Then after the program stop, the toolpath resumes the spindle commands, reposition the tool, and continue to roughing.

    It's available in competitor's products, and could be used with the existing toolpath sectioning (Clustering) option we currently have.

    Turning is the bread and butter of Oil&Gas.

    Turning represents 60-70 of the toolpaths for a typical Oil&Gas part. Combine that with deep internal geometries and super alloys like Inconel, and you have the perfect storm for chip evacuation issues.

    Solidcam turning is really superb. And truly solids based, which is not exactly true for most of its competitors, which rely on a 2D envelope curve generated from the solid. Their toolpaths are blind to the solid faces, they can only select curves. Not Solidcam.

    Even Creo/NC uses curves instead of solid faces. And it is a high end integrated CAx system.

    So great turning in Solidcam, just needs a little more love in chip evacuation during roughing to become fully featured.

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