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Mazak - A new player in the Swiss-style CNC machine market

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  • Mazak - A new player in the Swiss-style CNC machine market

    MMS article:

    Mazak Managers statements:

    Dan Janka, Mazak president

    "Swiss-style machines have taken on a heightened sense of priority over the last five years when we have continued to see increases in the overall share of consumption of Swiss turning vis-à-vis overall turning. We also began to see the adoption of high-volume production in some of the more sophisticated job shops."

    Kevin Bates, midwest general manager:

    "The technologies that are coming with the Swiss-turn as far as quick-change tooling and offline programming are really driving its adoption. Years ago, running Swiss [machines] usually involved doing your setups on a Monday and running parts through Friday. Now we have customers and job shops that are changing setups daily or multiple times a day. Swiss machines have become more of a common job-shop type machine and are really breaking apart from high-run production. Many of our customers have come to us looking to take advantage of this technology to achieve shorter cycle times. Plus, Swiss-style turning is a better solution for many parts because of its versatility and ability to handle parts with long length-to-diameter ratios."

    Dan Janka: "So [at the Discover event] you got to witness six different models that have been through all the prototype tests. And there are six additional models that are in either final assembly or prototypes. So when we launch, there will be the full complement of 20-millimeter up through 38-millimeter sized machines."

    Dan Janka: "There are thousands of job shops that are already Mazak users. And many of those job shops started simple and have since migrated into our done-in-one philosophy that is part of the Integrex product family. And that’s related to the fact that we are seeing more and more small, higher-volume applications with the growth and scalability of the electrification of the automotive industry. You know, small electric motors are becoming more and more prevalent and applied, and that means a lot of small parts. And so when we look to the future, we think that lot of that work will filter down into the job shops. And so we certainly see that as a nice growth driver for us, and we're already there."