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MIS Dental Implants- The biggest local Dental implants company!

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  • MIS Dental Implants- The biggest local Dental implants company!

    Today we started a process with MIS Dental Implants, the biggest Dental implant company in Israel. They have both Cimatron and GibbsCAM and are not happy with them!

    83dc6dbe-8072-4471-895f-d4226d522c88.jpg c7761a65-9971-43c5-8f70-2ea07540cba6.jpg

    They were acquired 5 years ago by Dentsply Sirona:

    They have around 120 Swiss-type machines in Bar-lev industrial area in Israel.

    We will support their Development department at the beginning, and after being satisfied, the potential is huge for SolidCAM in the Production department also.

    Further details will be provided as the process progresses.


    Zvika Friedman
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    Good News!, after almost 2 months of evaluation, and tight support, MIS Management take a decision.
    They purchase the first seat of SolidCAM for the development department, to support their machines which include: Bumatech Milling 5 axis, and Star for Swiss-type.

    We achieved 2 major things :
    First, we kick Cimatron&GibbesCAM from this factory.
    Second, we open our way to the production department. with 120 Swiss-Type CNC machines.

    They will monitor the performance of SolidCAM with the pioneer seat and we hope it will convince them to cover the entire production with many seats of SolidCAM.