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2021 is the Swiss type year of SolidCAM!

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  • 2021 is the Swiss type year of SolidCAM!

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    2021 is the Swiss type year of SolidCAM!

    SolidCAM provides excellent software support for Swiss type CNCs.

    For Swiss Type post processors, Daniel team has already a list of available post processors that is growing all the time! Daniel will give a webinar on this subject on Jan 14.

    Also Daniel has a team of Swiss type post writers that can work online with your post writer to customize existing posts or to develop new posts.

    We are already doing this successful online cooperative Swiss post development with many of our Resellers (Turkey, Netherlands, China, India, Japan, US..).

    The competition for SolidCAM in the Swiss type field is quite limited (Esprit, Topsolid..). SolidCAM has advantages over them and we had already replaced existing Esprit at many customers.

    You can sell SolidCAM Swiss type solution to both New customers and Existing SolidCAM customers, who have Swiss type CNCs.

    We have proven in 2020 how valuable this Swiss type market is for us in our local market in Israel – a good part of SolidCAM income in 2020 in Israel came from selling Swiss type solution, both to new and existing SolidCAM customers! Zvika will give a very interesting webinar on Swiss type sales in Israel on Jan 21.

    We want all of you to have similar such success in your Swiss type markets worldwide..

    I wish you all success in 2021..

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh

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    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    Happy New Year 2021 to everyone!

    We've decided to call 2021 the Swiss-type year, because this year we take the opportunity to promote a functionality most of our competitors don't have or are weak in!

    So how are we planning to promote Swiss-type this year:
    • Educate both our sales and technical team on how to sell Swiss-type (upcoming webinars will be held in January).
    • Keep expanding our Postprocessor database to cover more Swiss-type machines.
    • We will have a Swiss-type certification program to motivate our team.
    • Create a database of Live cutting videos of Swiss-type parts made with SolidCAM.
    • We will promote world-wide success stories,which will be constantly updated in this forum.
    We wish all of our worldwide teams success!


    Natalie Somekh
    Channel Manager