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Successful Selling of SolidCAM's Swiss Type Solution

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  • Successful Selling of SolidCAM's Swiss Type Solution

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    Successful Selling of SolidCAM's Swiss type Solution Jan 21 webinar, given by Zvika Friedman, is now on YouTube and on our website in both the 'Latest Webinars' area and 'Resellers Area'.

    Links for the Powerpoint Presentation, the recording YouTube version and download are below:

    Powerpoint Presentation:

    YouTube recording:

    Download recording:

    Read Zvika's informative and compelling story about his first SolidCAM Swiss Type deal, at start of 2020:

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh

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    Join our "Successful Selling of SolidCAM's Swiss type Solution" Webinar on Thursday Jan 21, 1pm GMT

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    I recommend very much that you register to this webinar about successful selling of the powerful SoliCAM Swiss Type solution (you received separate registration email message about it)

    It will be given by Zvika Friedman, our Sales Manager for Israel & Japan, who has achieved major success selling our Swiss type solution both to:
    1. Existing SolidCAM Customers who have bought Swiss type CNCs.
    2. New customers who have Swiss type CNC machines.

    Please review the SolidCAM Jan 2021 Newsletter that talks about:
    1. Customer successes with SolidCAM Swiss type solution.
    2. Cooperation of SolidCAM with Swiss type CNCs Resellers.

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh


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      Thank you Zvika for a wonderful insight to how to be successful in selling Swiss Type and Advanced Turn-Mill SolidCAM solution.

      Classic way to penetrate a competitor's account, as suggested by you.

      To all sales consultants, I strongly encourage you to watch this webinar right to the end.

      best regards,
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