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SolidCAM listed officially as proven software solution for Citizen in their website

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  • SolidCAM listed officially as proven software solution for Citizen in their website

    SolidCAM is listed officially as the proven software solution for Citizen, on their Citizen Machinery Europe website:

    From the Citizen Machinery Europewebsite:

    SolidCAM is the best-in-class complete CAM Solution for CNC Manufacturing that integrates seamlessly with the 3D CAD Systems SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor.

    What are the main benefits of using SolidCAM with your Citizen Cincom or Miyano Machines?
    • Less machine downtime and more productivity through efficient offline programming at the CAM Workstation
    • Complex contours, 3D surfaces up to the most demanding, simultaneous five-axis milling operations can be programmed effortlessly
    • The revolutionary, highly efficient iMachining Technology for milling ensures maximum process reliability, especially with difficult materials and small tool diameters
    • Drastically shorter setup time due to optimal production preparation, tool management and documentation in SolidCAM
    • Advanced collision control, simulation of complete machine kinematics and tool path verification ensures fewer programming errors
    • Full support for your Citizen CNC sliding headstock lathe in all available configurations
    • Machining optimization with SolidCAM Channel Synchronization Manager ensures shortest possible cycle times

    Easy and fast CAM programming in a modern user interface brings maximum productivity in program creation for your CNC sliding headstock lathes.

    You maintain full control – at all times!

    As a modern CAM System, SolidCAM naturally has sophisticated feature recognition as well as numerous wizards to make programming easier for you. Nevertheless, you can control the processing in clear dialogs at any time. Within the program, you can also use Machine Control Operations (MCOs) to define machine actions, such as changing tools, moving components, transferring material, etc.

    Best of all, with CAM Templates for specific parts and operations, your staff can easily benefit from the expertise of your most experienced machine operators. Anytime.

    Endless possibilities: the SolidCAM Tool Catalog

    The best Tool Manager in the CAM Industry allows you to build, save and manage tools and cutting conditions within the Machine Environment (Machine Preview) and in a user-friendly interface. The SolidCAM Tool Catalog supports all types of face, axial, angular and multi-cutter holders and leaves nothing to be desired when defining state-of-the-art Mill-Turn tools.

    Emil Somekh​

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    what a great achievement!