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Hot story: Fast Swiss-Type sale in Texal Machining Ltd

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  • Hot story: Fast Swiss-Type sale in Texal Machining Ltd

    What happens when you come to a meeting about upgrading a basic Milling seat and find out that the factory has a Swiss-type machine?

    A really hot story that I share with you from yesterday.

    I scheduled a meeting with a SolidCAM customer Texal Machining - I arrived yesterday for a meeting with the company's CEO.

    The customer has 2 SolidCAM seats, one for full milling and turning including 5 axes, and one more seat for basic milling only.

    The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the price offer sent to the customer to upgrade the second basic milling seat, with iMachining module and 5 axes, in order to have the same functionality for both 2 SolidCAM seats.

    Upon arrival, I asked to see the production floor in the factory, after several years of not visiting there.

    To my surprise the factory has started in the field of optics, changing the composition of the machines. Instead of the Willemin 408 mt and few old milling CNC machines, they use now two 5-axis vertical machines, 3 Mill-Turn machines combined with Y-axis.

    And at the end of the hall
    stood a Swiss-type CNC Nexturn!

    I immediately put the focus on the Swiss machine and asked the CEO how they program it?

    His somewhat hesitant answer was Autodesk. I forgot for a moment that Autodesk had purchased Partmaker and expressed surprise at that, and I told him: do you know we have a perfect SolidCAM solution for these Swiss type machines? He smiled and said okay let’s invite the technical staff to the meeting room and talk about it.

    I showed them the Swiss module and also talked about customers they know, who have purchased it from us in the last two years - I started to see enthusiasm! The problematic point was the reaction of the Swiss-type programmer - he said that he uses Partmaker to generate partial NC code, then edits the NC-program, customizes it, and then he said with confidence, “no CAM Software can compete with my speed and skill”.

    Hearing his remarks, I told the CEO directly, I am sure you have an expert with high capabilities, but 2 important points to notice:
    1. If he is so good, he will be even better using our CAM software.
    2. The factory under your management cannot afford to depend only on his knowledge, it is a risk that you cannot afford.

    And to the programmer I said: “from your point of view, working with powerful CAM software, seeing reliable simulation, the ability to change processing and synchronization and check cutting times before getting to the machine, is not a significant addition to your knowledge? You will better leverage your capabilities and be much more attractive to the factory and in the market”.

    Then I also understood from them that they have a big disappointment from Partmaker because of zero-level support, causing them to distrust using CAM for Swiss-Type.

    Thus, as a good finale to this story, a nice deal was born, starting from upgrading a basic milling seat and ending with a new third full seat for Swiss-type.

    Now what remains for us is to support them optimally, making sure they are as satisfied as they have been all these years with SolidCAM, both the product and the support.

    Zvika Friedman
    SolidCAM Ltd

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    Zvika, you make some very good points here. Poor support or lack of previous support has left the industry in general suspicious of CAM software making our proposals more difficult, hence we will need to build confidence with bench-marking, great demonstrations and "try before buy" type schemes. It is also vital we make sure owners/managers realize the dangers of having the knowledge in a single individual.