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Swiss-Type and Mill-Turn post-processor availability and support (resellers only)

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  • Swiss-Type and Mill-Turn post-processor availability and support (resellers only)

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Partners,

    We would like to inform you of the best practice to deliver Advanced Swiss-Type and Mill-Turn post-processors to your customers:

    1. Check for online Post-Processor availability first
    a) SalesForce database of Certified post-processors (please read the related topic about it)
    b) In the case of Swiss-Type machines please check the List of available Swiss-Type Post-Processor

    2. Check for offline Post-Processors

    Not all post-processors are available online, therefore it is a good practice to reach SolidCAM International Support, by one of the three available options and check the offline database:

    2.1 eSupport ticket system


    In order to get an account and be able to submit a ticket, you have to requests us by sending us an e-mail to:
    1. [email protected] (Manager of eSupport)
    2. [email protected]

    Ticket system rules:
    - You may ask for any subject related to SolidCAM (license, bugs, features request, post-processor availability, post-processor editing, machine simulation, training, manuals,…)
    - You may expect an answer within 48h or sooner (most of the tickets are answered within 24h)
    - In order to get a post-processor, the company name must be provided (either it is customer, potential, or for demonstration purposes)
    - Support and post-processor services can be provided to customers that are under the subscription only!

    2.2 E-Mail

    You may write us an e-mail to any International Support Team member. It is recommended to put all members in the CC and we will organize the first available person to check offline Post-Processors.
    2.3 Skype

    Skype us for direct or scheduled support in the case when you want to check for offline Post-Processor availability a
    It is the most often service that we use in order to provide direct technical support when the tech person is located at the customer/machine site and requires immediate LIVE support. It is recommended to e-Mail or chats with us about getting such a LIVE support 48h before going to the customer.

    Note: Always use an eSupport ticket system, in case of urgency cases you may write us an e-mail/skype where requests will be considered with higher priority!

    3. There is no exact Post-Processor available, what to do?

    In the case when Post-Processor doesn’t exist for the exact machine in the database, two scenarios are possible:

    3.1 Delivering similar, closest match post-processor. The rest of the post-processor adjustments is done by a local-reseller tech person (with a help of support if necessary)

    3.2 Developing post-processor by the Support team (the solution sometimes can be expected longer than 48h, depends on machine complexity at first and other factors, like general communication, documentation availability, Gcode examples, 3D models, and etc…)

    Developing and implementation of a new Swiss-Type/Mill-Turn Post-Processor done by SolidCAM Support team

    Post-Processor development requirements:
    a) Let us know about the exact Machine Brand/Model/Controller model
    b) Programming manual
    c) GCode examples that run on the machine (with a possible drawing of a part)
    d) 3D model data of the machine (if Machine Simulation module is equipped)
    e) Pictures of the machine (controller, tool holders, machining data,... - ask for details)

    Example images are shown in the following:
    Machine Brand_2.jpgIMG_8694.JPG

    Based on mentioned input data, the Post-Processor will be prepared by Post-Processor Development Team up to a level ready for on-site post-processor verification.

    On-site post-processor verification and finalization is a MUST!
    It is recommended to contact the customer and inform him about tool data and stock size ahead of the visit. The CAMpart that will be used for testing is usually prepared by a Post-Processor developer and has the following attributes:
    1. Simplest geometry configuration
    2. Shortest possible tool-path
    3. Takes into account all machine capabilities (arcs, compensation, plane rotation, part transfer, superimposition, c-axis radial, c-axis face,…)

    The goal is to test all machine capabilities with post-processor output within the shortest possible cycle time without any manual editing!

    Before going to the customer site, make sure you have scheduled online support for eventual onsite post-processor modifications. It is not a written rule, but please inform the support team at least 5 working days ahead.

    Once the Test CAMpart is done, programming the customer part is extremely important to give confidence that customers can program their parts using the current version of the Post-processor.

    The FINAL stage in the post-processor developing cycle is teaching customers to program their CAMparts using SolidCAM and Post-Processor. Please make sure you help him with the very first parts, give him confidence and raise his routine in Part programming.

    YES we CAM!
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