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SolidCAM vs Esprit - for advanced mill-turn and Swiss type solutions..

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  • SolidCAM vs Esprit - for advanced mill-turn and Swiss type solutions..

    Dear SolidCAM Team and Resellers,

    We have recently hired a new technical employee for our SolidCAM US team. He had a very long experience using Esprit, while doing project work for the mill-turn and swiss type customers, who bought such CNC machines from the machine tool resellers, where he worked. See attached resume.

    By the way, study his resume well – these are the experiences you need in a candidate, when hiring a new technical employee, who will be the technical expert to push our SolidCAM advanced mill-turn and Swiss type solution in this market niche, where we have the greatest potential to dominate.

    The main and practically ONLY serious competitor that we will face in our journey to dominate this niche, is Esprit.

    Please either watch the video or read the transcript of my interview with Eric, comparing his experience with SolidCAM, after only 1 month of practically only self-study, to his long term experience studying and using Esprit.

    Interview Recording:

    Interview Transcript:

    I am sure you will see how weak, problematic, difficult to learn and to use, Esprit actually is, compared to SolidCAM.

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh
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