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Esprit IS REPLACABLE!! - SolidCAM US Wins Over Esprit in Swiss Deal!!

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  • Esprit IS REPLACABLE!! - SolidCAM US Wins Over Esprit in Swiss Deal!!

    We have an existing SolidCAM 2.5D Pro milling customer, who was already experiencing the outstanding technical support we provide to our customers.

    He began to look at our Swiss option back in May 2020, but made the unfortunate decision to go with Esprit for his Swiss solution.

    After spending a lot of money (deposit) with Esprit, and spending several months with them trying to get post processors and his people trained, he took another look at SolidCAM Swiss.

    He had several concerns, one of which was that he had already lost weeks by sending his programmer to Esprit's training classes, only for him to return with no more knowledge or understanding for Swiss than before he went.

    With Greg Payton's knowledge of his Swiss machines and on-site prove out, this gave him the assurance he needed, that things would certainly be different with SolidCAM and that he would be in capable hands.

    A few other factors, that were critical to sealing the deal, and that were concentrated on during the demo, were the Cimco editor, a dedicated post processor team, the integrated solution we provide, the power of SolidCAM software for programming and simulating his machines, and of course the continued unmatched technical support that he was accustomed to receiving from SolidCAM's support team.

    A quote from the customer during the process was "Thank you Greg and Daneen for investing your valuable time in our meeting. It was very helpful. As my experience in SolidCAM increases, and with some exposure to Esprit, I have grown increasingly impressed with SolidCAM and reiterate that your support team is top notch".

    I'm happy to report, that this customer is now replacing Esprit with SolidCAM Swiss and we closed the deal today!

    Once we get him up and running, he has already agreed to be a valuable Swiss reference for us!!

    Daneen Leonard
    SolidCAM US

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    Hi Daneen/Greg,

    Congratulations for this powerful win against our archenemy Esprit. Your combined sales and technical prowess, and having an excellent product, landed us this deal.

    Obviously what definitely helped us were Esprit’s inherent weaknesses, and there are so many of them:
    1. No integration to SolidWorks
    2. Weak own basic CAD
    3. Difficult and tedious geometry selection
    4. Very slow simulation
    5. Basically unusable feature recognition and machininig
    6. Limited multi-channel synchronization
    7. Closed posts that can be only customized, if at all, at Esprit HQ
    8. No real upgrade path to the new Esprit TNG version, that is not backward compatible and cannot edit CAM Parts defined in previous versions…. So basically upgrading to this new TNG version, by an existing Esprit customer, means that he can do nothing real with his all his previously defined hundreds of Esprit parts, he can ONLY simulate them!! And Esprit TNG, though launched a year ago, is still seriously lacking mill-turn and Swiss posts, that can only be defined at Esprit HQ..

    If you think I am exaggerating, watch again the interview with Erik Forwith, an advanced machining expert, who used Esprit for more than 6 years.

    Also the fact that the potential Swiss deal was to a long time SolidCAM customer, happy with his SolidCAM product, its integration to SolidWorks, the excellent technical support he was getting and its easily customized posts, were all additional important factors that sealed this important deal.

    Basically, when you go to an already happy SolidCAM customer, with our product, technical support and customizable posts, then selling him the additional Swiss module for his Swiss type CNCs, is a natural extension!

    I am sure we will be landing many more such wins against Espritthe above conditions will definitely repeat themselves many time over!

    Have a great sales year 2021!

    Best Regards,
    Emil Somekh