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Let me introduce myself: my Name is Abhishek Dhawan & I have 13+ years of Sales experience in CAD/CAM/CAE/CAX products. Before SolidCAM I was handling commercial activities selling SolidWorks, Worknc, Capsturn, Capsmill, Simulation Software like Simufact, Adstefan, Gear & Transmission Solution Kisssoft & Kisssys, JMATPro & 3D Scanners. I want to share my experience in SolidCAM As Regional Sales Manager for the Punjab Region North India.

I started my journey in SolidCAM India in Nov 2016. After getting 1 week of Sales Training from Anuj Bhandari, Business Head India, & Technical Tips From our SolidCAM 5 Axis Guru & Country Manager Mr. Amod Onkar. After completing my training, we started our Operations here and at that time Worknc & Powermill were most popular CAM Softwares in Punjab Region North India.

Our Motive was only to upgrade local Industries to iMachining & Integration power with CAD Software, 3D HSR/HSM & Multi-Axis Modules in a single Software. Bulk demos with Colleague Mr. Ravinder Singh, Technical Manager Punjab, on Customers' existing jobs was our daily routine those days. We always prepared our demo as per customers' jobs, searching products on their website before every visit and we always pushed clients to just have hands-on experience on SolidCAM with 1 or 2-month evaluation license.

After a number of Demos, then it's time to convert leads into orders. After every deal, we asked clients for appreciation letters, emails, or unscripted video about our after-sales Support & Service and Upgrade of local industries references. Now we shared a minimum of 125 Existing local clients' references in our list, which are from every sector, including Aerospace, defense, forging, casting, Jobbers, Auto parts, agriculture, Scaffolding, etc. We told every new prospect to call any random existing Customer for feedback. Our Existing happy Clients are our best Lead Generators nowadays.

Today we have more than doubled our customers against all competitors including WorkNC, Powermill, Siemens NX, Mastercam and others.

Year 2018 Was the Most Memorable Year for us, as Local industries shifted their focus to 5-axis Machines & we gave a Seminar for Multi-Axis machining & iMachining. When the presentation started by Amod..there was pin-drop silence in the audience & everyone was so excited to see the 5x technology at that moment. After the presentation, customers engaged Q/A With Amod & Anuj, in a very deep discussion & our dinner time extended 2 hours late that Day. This Seminar was so fruitful, 100+ attendees enjoyed the Event & the Results are here now: All Multi-axis Customers are only commited on SolidCAM.

Top 23 out of 30 Corporates are using SolidCAM now - they add SolidCAM seats, togther with their existing NX CAM Softwares.

Our competitors told negative words about us - saying that SolidCAM is only for Production Application Machining not for Die-Mold. These words were common in every new lead; then we decided to prove them wrong. We started a number of benchmarks at existing Clients to compare iMachining time against WorkNC, Powermill in 2019 & we replaced a number of existing NX CAM, Powermill, and WorkNC Clients, who are working on Die-Moulds. Even Last month we had closed 3 benchmark orders in Die-Mold against Worknc & this is our big win in Die-Mold.

After Selling SolidCAM successfully, we started to cover users deficiencies. We prepare existing competitors users and connect a maximum of them to YouTube channel in the local language. We even promoted Skilled Operators with SolidCAM and did so much online webinars & training in last year lockdown.. After lockdown, we contact most of them & convert their pain areas into leads.

Nowadays people call our name as iMachining Guys, and Cutting tools distributors selling their tools as iMachining Tools. All Machine Makers are in touch with us for New leads coming from benchmark for reducing time, using iMachining & THSR/THSM.

Now we are focusing on Advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss - local customers started a discussion on Swiss-type machines & we approach all of them with our Advanced Mill-Turn against Esprit. Espirit has no customer base in this area and we are already aware that customers who know the Esprit product were informed that the new version of Espirit TNG does not support parts from the previous ESPRIT version. As per our experience, we will sell this module ASAP with our strong presence in the Punjab region, and as I mentioned above already, that our existing clients will help us to increase the number of seats.

This is my first post in the SolidCAM forum. I have so many words in my mind right now & I shall post other stories.

On behalf of the SolidCAM Punjab team, we thank AMOD Onkar, Anuj Bhandari, and Arun Kumar, for helping in every task, and especially Emil Somekh, for Sharing all importnat SolidCAM information in regular emails and Forum posts.

Thanks 🙏

Abhishek Dhawan
SolidCAM Software india pvt Ltd